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Phase 1

Thank you for the many donations to our 2021 fundraising campaign for Phase 1 of the Irrigation Project. We reached our goal and will enable the project to proceed. Plans are being made and we hope to install the base irrigation system in mid-May. We plan to irrigate 12 acres of land. Each 1/4 acre plot will have an above-ground spigot. 

Phase 2

We are continuing our fundraising activities for the irrigation system for increased efficiency and effectiveness of the Center's operation. In Phase 2 we are considering our long-term needs.

So, please consider donating to Anderson Park Friends, Inc.  Use the form below.

Background Information

The Anderson Farm Center is a new concept connected to the 310-acre Anderson Farm County Park. The Park is located at 914 Union Road, Oregon, WI 53575. The farm center is located at 805 Union Road.  Anderson Park Friends is partnering with Dane County Parks and UW-Extension, Oregon Food Pantry, and Rooted (a nonprofit specializing in small-scale agriculture). 

Approximately 70 acres of farmland is identified in the master plan for a market garden farm. The current concept of a farm center is focused primarily on approximately 40 acres of farmland west of Union Road. Additional land on the east side of Union Road is also designated for future agricultural activities.

The center concept and configuration include three major components: 1) 22 community gardens (.25 acres each). This project supports 17 Hmong families and local growers so they can have access to land and support multiple families. The 2nd component is the park's food pantry garden (.25 acres) which is affiliated with the Madison Area Food Pantry Garden network. The APF food pantry garden supports three pantries: Oregon, Belleville, and Verona. In 2022, we will explore a partnership with Little John's Kitchen.

The third component will support 5-12 local small-scale agriculture businesses that will lease land for an extended period. This component will possibly start in 2023.

The life expectancy of the irrigation system is 20 years.

An agricultural well was installed in May 2021 and is ready for use. 

2022 Goal: $10,000. Potential goals for the 2023-2025 period include leasing land to growers (private businesses), building a food packing structure, and a tool shed. Additional plans will be developed in late 2022.

For more detailed information, click here for the Strategic Concept Paper: 2021-2025.

$2,805.00 raised
GOAL: $5,000.00



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