APF New Horizons Project


We Did It! $20,000 raised by 12/31/22.

I want to thank everyone who donated to Anderson Park Friends’ (APF) New Horizon Project. We are thrilled to have your support!

Through your donation, we will be able to increase fresh produce for 3 food pantries and to expand our conservation work at Anderson Farm County Park.

Overall, we had 113 donations. Donations were matched “dollar for dollar” by an anonymous donor. The result was $20,000 for APF. We now have a firm foundation to plan 2023-3024 activities.

We are beginning a process to discuss with the Dane County Parks Department how we can create more infrastructure at the park.

Your support will help sustain our organization for many years to come. The donation supports our organization’s mission and ensures the future of APF. It makes all the difference.

Our 2022 accomplishments report to the Dane County Parks Department is available. 2022 APF Annual Report - Click Here Our newsletters, web site and Facebook page will provide updated information about our 2023 plans and activities.

We welcome your comments and/or suggestions on how we can improve the park and provide more benefits to the community.

Your interest and support are appreciated.

Roe Parker, President
Anderson Park Friends, Inc.

Our vision also includes expansion of the Anderson Farm Center. A future piece of the center’s vision is to attract small businesses-growers-by leasing plots of land. Equipment storage and expansion of the irrigation system is needed to make the center more attractive to private growers. Potential plans for 2023 and beyond include making land available to growers in two to five acre increments through long-term leases.

New infrastructure could possibly include a multi-purpose shed, expansion of the irrigation system, and other agricultural equipment. This winter APF will work with the Dane County Parks Department to develop a feasibility plan and budget to steer the completion of the project. New infrastructure could be added in 2023 or 2024. More specific details will be available in about three months. For more detailed information, click here for the Strategic Concept Paper: 2021-2025.


The project’s intent is to use new infrastructure so volunteers can leverage their work in the food pantry/community gardens and other components of the park’s land management plan-forests, prairies, pollinator gardens, savannahs, and wildlife habitat.

Using the food pantry garden as an example, volunteers are currently collaborating with Little John’s Kitchen to process slightly "nicked" produce and make it available to low-come people. Adequate storage at the park is needed to reduce spoilage and expenses. A “greenhouse” project is being discussed for 2023 or 2024.

Costs associated with food pantries and gardens are rising. The Badger Prairie Needs Network-Verona (served by the park’s food pantry garden) reports serving over 10,000 people during the pandemic. They and other volunteer organizations are dealing with inflated costs, supply chain problems while the cost and demand for food is increasing.

Local Business Support

Local businesses have already stepped forward to assist Anderson Park Friends, Inc. by purchasing business memberships. This year Arbor Systems, AlphaGraphics, Firefly Coffeehouse, New Earth Biochar, and Good Oak Ecological Services have joined the organization and are also providing donated products and services. AlphaGraphics donated the cost of the APF’s new brochure worth over $600 dollars. Parker said their cash donations are being matched by the anonymous donor.

Remember Anderson Park Friends is an all-volunteer organization and gifts go entirely to the mission and vision of the organization. In 2021, APF logged over 3,400 hours of volunteer time and effort.

If you like what we do, chip in a little to make a big difference. Use the form below.



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