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Flash News Briefs

On September 30th and October 1st, Dane County Parks planted over 100 trees at the park. The variety of trees includes Norway Spruce, Southern Catalpa, White and Swamp Oak, and Crab Apples. The community orchard was also started with 10 Honeycrisp apple and 10 Contender Peach trees.

Anderson Farm Center

The farm center consists of 23 community gardens, including the .5 acre food pantry garden. This garden supports the pantries in Oregon, Belleville, and Verona.  In 2021, we reached an important milestone with the installation of an agricultural well.

Our goal for 2022 is the installation of a $20,000 irrigation system. We need your help to raise $4,600 for a new irrigation system. Each dollar donated will be matched by $3 from another donor. The new system will support the Food Pantry Garden and the Community Gardens used by 17 Hmong families. Click here to go to the Irrigation System donation page.

Expansion plans include market garden growers who are interested in leasing 2 to 5 acres.

Click here to read the Center's Strategic Concepts document.

Prairie Seed Collection

APF members and community volunteers are invited to join us for prairie seed collection at the park. Spring and early summer blooming prairie plants have gone to seed and are ripe for the picking! Seeds will be used for planting more prairies in 2022. This is a tremendous "hands-on" learning experience as you work side by side with professional naturalists.

Events will be held by Dane County Parks and Anderson Park Friends, Inc.

Click here to go to the Dane County Event calendar to learn about upcoming events.

Click here to go to the Anderson Park Friends calendar of events.

Use this flyer for more information.

2021 Food Pantry Garden

It's harvest time in the garden. Produce is provided to the Oregon, Belleville, and Verona pantries. Volunteers are needed to harvest and get ready for next year.

Click here to volunteer for the garden. Join Us!

Click here for the Food Pantry Garden fact sheet.

Donations are needed to meet our goal of $2,000. Go to the APF Member & Donation page. Select the other category and indicate a donation with your credit card.

We want to recognize Jung’s Garden Center and K & A Greenhouse for their donations to the pantry garden. It is appreciated and very timely. Other donations are still needed.

Dog Park & New Bike Path

The grand opening was previously scheduled for October 14th. It has been delayed because of a contractor's schedule. More information will be shared when it becomes available. Click here to read the plan used to develop the dog park.


Anderson Farm County Park was established in 2014 and is a passive recreation park in the Dane County Parks system.  The park is approximately 310 acres and is a mix of woodland, prairies, and agricultural fields. Other features include rain and pollinator gardens as well as a bluebird trail.

The park is located at:

914 Union Road
(Town of Oregon; south of the village of Oregon)
Oregon, Wisconsin 53575

The park is named after the Lyman F. Anderson Family farmstead that was founded at the site in 1886. Lyman F. Anderson, who passed away in 2005, was a former County Board Supervisor and served in the Wisconsin State Legislature.

There is a network of woodland trails on the north end of the Park, including a 1-mile hiking trail through the Arthur Sholts Memorial Woods. The woods and five acres of prairie (next to the forest) can be accessed from a parking area off Union Road. Visitors can also walk along the turf trails that border the agricultural fields.

A portable toilet is available at the parking area off Union Road.

Anderson Park Friends, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization working with the Dane County Parks Division to develop, protect, preserve, and enhance beautiful Anderson Farm County Park. The park is in Phase 1 of the master plan.  Our organization is comprised of members living in the Oregon, Wisconsin area.


Please come out and spend some time hiking along the trail system through the Arthur Sholts Memorial Woods.  The trail system is over 1 mile in total length. Please feel free to print out a trail map and bring it along with you.

Our members have been instrumental in starting the development of the park. 

The development of the park has a Master Plan. Click here to read the Master Plan.

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Roe Parker, President
1560 Partridge Hill Drive
Oregon, WI 53575
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