Anderson Farm County Park is a 300-acre park located at 914 Union Road within the Town of Oregon and on the southern boundary of the Village of Oregon. Both units of government are located in Dane County, Wisconsin.  Dane County purchased the initial parcel in 2009 and added land in 2013.  Additional land may be added in the future.  This map shows the total property that is currently owned by Dane County.

Anderson Park Friends Inc. (APF), established in September 2013, is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization working with the Dane County Parks Department to develop, protect, preserve, and enhance beautiful Anderson Farm County Park. The organization is registered with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions as a nonprofit corporation. Click here for a presentation about APF.

It is a membership organization that collaborates with other community organizations and volunteers to plan and conduct projects supporting the development of the park. Membership dues are paid on an annual basis.

Board of Directors

APF is managed by a 5 person Board of Directors. Click here for their position descriptions. The elected Board of Directors consists of the following members:

  • Roe Parker, President
  • Andy Hoernemann, Vice-President / Volunteer Project Coordinator
  • Barb Hill, Treasurer
  • Nancy Murphy, Secretary
  • Sue Eagle, At-Large

The park is open for various passive activities such as hiking, bird watching, and snowshoeing (winter).  The main opportunities for hiking (walking) are the Arthur Sholts Memorial Woods and prairie (914 Union Road), an asphalt bike trail (South Main Street entrance), and dog park (804 Union Road). The dog park will open in the late fall of 2021.   The Anderson Farm Center currently consists of 23 food pantry and community gardens. Expansion in 2022 or 2023 will include market garden growers who need to lease larger plots of land. Additional recreational resources will be added in the future.

Dane County collaborated with Patricia Anderson and her family to create a new community park to commemorate former County Board Supervisor Lyman Anderson.  He was a farmer active in town, county and state government for over forty-three years. The farm has been in the Anderson family since 1866.

Master Plan and Annual Reports

The development of the park is organized within the framework of the Anderson Farm County Park Master Plan.  The Plan was approved by the Dane County Board of Supervisors on December 19, 2013. Every January the Board meets with the staff of Dane County Parks Department. The focus of the meeting is to review the APF annual report (prior year) and develop a land management and event plan for the upcoming year. Annual reports are available to members and the public upon request to the APF President. Click here for the 2020 annual report.

APF Business Supporters

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Here is the Anderson Park Friends fact sheet.